Handy Password

Handy Password 4.6

Multifunctional password and bookmark manager

What are the benefits of using Handy Password?

  • It automatically saves data from web forms - passwords, logins, etc.
  • It automatically fills out web forms.
  • It automatically enters into sites: fills out web forms and logs in.
  • It securely stores data - passwords, addresses, credit card numbers, PIN codes, etc.
  • It generates crack-proof passwords


This function allows you to save data, which you have entered into site web-forms (logins, passwords, etc.). All data saves into Handy Password file.Saving of passwords and other login information with Internet Explorer is not safe enough: anyone who works on user's PC can access to his/her Email and to all services where he/she has been registered.

Automatic login

Automatic login function allows to open your e-mail account or any other webpages protected by password with minimal efforts. So automatic login function in Handy Password saves your time and increases effectiveness of your working in the Internet.

Bookmark Manager in Handy Password: easy navigating and automatic login

What is a bookmark? When you find Web sites or pages that you like, you can save site's URL by creating a bookmark. Bookmark is placed on the top of the IE window. It allows to quickly open site or page, once clicking the bookmark. Handy Password is a bookmark manager, combined with password manager, which allows not only to bookmark favorite sites, but to login to them automatically. This is done by saving not only the site's URL, but also the form fields (for example, login username and password) by Handy password manager. Saved bookmarks are placed on the IE toolbar.

User reviews about Handy Password

  • Nick_A

    by Nick_A

    "simple password manager"

    The reliable and nice password manager that helped me a lot. It memorizes all the fill-in information, keeps it safe ...   More.